True Tales


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Mansfield in World War II

This is a compilation of memories of life in Mansfield during the last war.

Mansfield Past & Present

This extract comes from our latest publication which has been produced for W. H. Smith.

The Grace of God

Extracts from a book by David J. Bradbury and Pauline Ashton, describing Mansfield's religious history from Norman times to the present.

The Simpsons- an inventive family

Learn from Old Mansfield Society member John Vanags about one of Mansfield's unsung success stories.

The Mansfield and Pinxton Railway

An extract from a book on the history of Mansfield's first railway, by John Vanags.

Court in Time

An extract from the Society's 80th anniversary special book, on the history of Mansfield's magistrates' courts, by our then president, Tom Gamble.

Moving the library

The Old Mansfield Society's secretary, who is also Mansfield's local studies librarian, remembers the year the whole library moved.